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i have been looking around for a nice stonehenge model for my tank and came across this on ebay:


would this be suitable for a marine tank? i dont know much about what chemicals etc are safe (as far as this kind of thing goes anyway) and i think it would look very cool to have something as otherworldly as an octopus crawling over it. my tank is 6x2x2 if that matters, and im planning on getting an abdopus aculeatus next, but living on the coast in australia im not sure what ill manage to find.

does anyone knows where i could get a similar piece designed for an aquarium? id prefer it as it current looks but have only found restored versions so far. i already have a large (2 foot) air craft carrier that my old octopus used to hide in, and a small but impressive looking pirate ship, but id really like to have this (or something like it) as a real centrepiece.


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I have family over in England and used to live there and picked one of those up (exact same) on a visit to Stonehenge and I'm going to have to go with no just because of all the glues they use, and the paint which actually ended up melting a little while it was in the box on the trip from England to the US.


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This does not give a list of the materials or say anything about the size but the price is right and you would have to use aquarium epoxy instead of glue but it was the best I could come up with.

This suggests that there might be other pieces to make up the set but you would need to get the manufacturer to see.

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