DFWMAS octopus presentation

Animal Mother

So last night was my presentation on Octopus husbandry for the Dallas Fort Worth Marine Aquarium Society.

Nancy attended, so we finally got acquainted, and I plugged the book. And we both won raffle prizes. How cool is that?! I also plugged TONMO, Dr. Caldwell and Rich quite a bit. (Gotta sink those names in their heads for Next Wave 2010 speaker candidates) :sagrin:

I thought my presentation was going to be too short, around 30, maybe 45 minutes tops. Turned out to be an hour and 15 minutes. 8-) A fair amount of questions afterwards and few during so I was pleased by the interest. Pretty sure I gave at least handful of people the floaties they needed to jump in the ceph pool.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all who contributed to the presentation as your pictures and videos were enjoyed by just over 100 people. Lots of "Oohs" and "Awws" and giggles. I couldn't have put it together without the support I got here. This is by far the best group of people in any forum I've participated in online, period. Y'all are great.


Colossal Squid
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congrats. And thanks for spreading the ceph-love around!



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Dale gave an excellent and accurate presentation, well illustrated with photos and videos.

It was nice to finally meet Animal Mother, after reading his posts for so long!


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