hi... I guess since this is my 2ed post i should prolly intruduce myself first...

my name is chris and I dont have an octo or a cuttle fish I just have a intrest in sea life (especially jellyfish and octos )
you can find me at and
anyway my question...

I have heard many people talk about how when their octo gets scared it jets off into its den.. my question is does the octo make its den or does the tank have a den premade for the octo?



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:welcome: Chris!

A den is whereever the octopus chooses to reside. Most of us provide plenty of cave opportunities via rocks, pvc pipes, material an octopus can collect. My octopus, Egor, chose to live in one of those prefab saltwater safe caves. Other octopuses I have had choose to hollow out beneath a rock and then arrange shells, seaglass etc as their door and decorations. It really depends on the individual octopus's preference!



ok guys thanks for clearing this up for me... I actullly discovered this site through a school assignment to research octos...
I never knew those little guys were so complex!
also one other thing... how big are octos? when i searched google pics, some octos looked really small but some looked reallly big..

ps: you guys are really lucky to have such great pets!

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