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Discussion in 'Octopus Care' started by Fishfreak218, Sep 9, 2007.

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    Jul 23, 2006
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    So I have a 6month old 50g. and a 1.5year old 30g. cube. My octopus, as of right now, is in a critter keeper inside of the 50g. I am having some problems as to which tank to put him in. They each have pro's and con's. He is a small bimac. Here is the equipment list on the two of them:

    The 50g. Tank:
    - 50 lbs. of LR
    - Koralia #1
    - Maxi-Jet 900
    - Lots of macroalgea
    - 6 months old
    - 80 degrees F.

    As you can see, not much filtration but extra room and extra water.
    The 30g. Cube:
    - 1.5 years old
    - 30lbs. of Liverock
    - 5g. [of actual water] sump
    - Fuge. run 24/7 [stable pH]
    - Coralife Super Skimmer 65
    - Mag 7 return
    - Maxi Jet 600
    - Phosban reactor
    - 1/10 HP chiller [can get to about 68F without condensation]

    So as you can see, the 30g. has much more filtration and can have a wet/dry if I add the bio balls. Think I should put him in the 30g which would have the proper temp and much more filtration/airation? or the larger/roomier 50g?
    Thanks for your help!
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    Well, for now looks like your best bet is to bite it and go with the 30 gallon. Seriously though, you should upgrade your 50 for the long run. In a 30 gallon cube, after it grows, it will be like keeping a rottweiller in a 5x5 foot kennel all its life.

    Any way to plumb them together, and use the 30 as a sump?
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    Any reason the chiller is on the 30? Like Animal Mother said, the octo will be fine in the 30 for a while, but you will want to move him to the 50 after a while. I would either buy a new chiller or transfer the one on your 30 to the 50. You could also get some computer fans to cool off the 50.

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