Damn heat....


Tank is at 83 and the fan is on the sump but i live in the north i have no infrastucture to deal with this heat.
Meatwad was acting funny sitting under a rock and just being white.
I dont like it when they are white.
started cycling out 3 gallons of water a time and putting it the fridge to try to give him some relief.

Stupid Climate.


Well ... did it work? How is little Meatwad today? Good news is that the heat is breaking (for a minute) so we can have some much needed relief!


The Western front is actually pretty normal at the moment. But we just got through with the broiler last week. My wife and I nearly keeled when we got our power bill this month!

Hope it cools quickly for you.


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You can also freeze water in a coke bottle and float in in the sump or even in in tank.

You can make ice cubes out of RO/DI or distilled water and put a couple in the sump, or in a real pinch, in the tank.

I've read that 82 is about the limit for tropical octos, so you're right to try to bring the temperature down.

Hope this works for you.



Thanks Nancy
I put a lot of ice in a big plastic bag and tried that but with 160+ gallons of water its hard to make an impact.
Squeezed 2 degrees out of the fan and sump set up and i am really regretting the in water pumps now.
Best results where the 3 gallons of tank water in the fridge rotation
every 30 min put a gallon of cold water in and take a gallon of hot water out.
managed to drop it to about 80 that way.

heat seems to have broke here and the wife says the tanks down to 78 now.
hopefully there was no real harm done.


thats wierd my tank is commonly from 78-84f and I have no problems with mine. it has been sort of hot down hear I probably should add some ice.


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If you use powerheads, they can add 3-4 degrees to the tank depending on water volume and brand of pump. Since its been warmer lately, Ive put one of my powerheads used mainly for flow on a timer. It goes on for 20 minutes every 2 hours. The tank temperature went down 4 degrees.. =)

Does anyone know of a good semi-inexpenisve powerhead that is known for low heat?? Id love the ones that actually has its motor on the outside of the tank and is attached to the propeller with magnets, but those are way expensive.

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