Cuttles With Seahorses?


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Hi all its been a while but i finally got my tank set up! It has 4 banggaii cardinals and two Reidi seahorse about 9 inches long. I was wondering if i could keep one cuttlefish with the horses! I dont really care about the cardinals but i need advice ASAP because i just got a chance to get one and need to know very soon! I'm somewhat positive the ponies will be allright but i need expert advice!


O. bimaculoides
I would not recommend that. The cuttles are very smart and would attack at night while the seahorses are sleeping. My cuttles attack shrimp and crabs twice their size, so the seahorse with no defence would make an easy night time snack. I am sure it would work for a few months until the cuttles grew bigger and decided to eat more than just shrimp, crabs and smaller fish. JMO!! Heck, I have seen people with pet gators and the gators do no harm. (might change if they were hungry) :smile:


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I think (telling you now I'm not taking the blame if they get eaten :tomato:) that the horses will be alright. Especially if you feed the cuttles well. 9 inches is pretty big for a bandensis to wrangle, on top of that there is no chance of the seahorses picking on the bandensis, so it should work out well... not so much for the cardinals though... Definetly let us know how it goes as I am setting up a seahorse tank and was actually considering this myself. And please don't be one of those people that asks if an octo or cuttle will be alright with "so and so" and then do it anyways and then not tell anyone if the "so and so" got eaten or survived or what happened! :old: Good Luck!


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LOL Ha! Ha! You can't give advice to someone and not take the blame (guess you can, ya did it). Ha! Ha! I have many seahorses, and watch the cuttle's wishing they could get into their tank.
Some where, I think there was a picture of a person putting their hand in a cuttle tank and the cuttle attacked (don't think cuttle's or Octopus care to much about the size of prey as long as they get a good angle for attack). Reidi seahorses run 60 bucks to 120. I would not chance it. Plus, if your seahorses are CB, your possibly going to be introducing, bacteria, pathogens, and other possible problems. (being blunt)
This is the perfect opportunity to sneak in a species only tank.
Let us know how things go.
Hope someone that has already mixing chimes in.


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This question has been raised a few times (try searching 'seahorse'), most recently here, and is generally acknowledged to be a bad idea. Sorry.


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spinycheek;137444 said:
Please don't feed your bangaiis to the cuttle, their wild populations are extremely threatened and there are plenty of people who would gladly purchase them.
Partially true. Their wild populations in their original habitat may be threatened, but they have been introduced in Lembah where they are booming.
That said, I agree, please don't use bangaiis as feeders.

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