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Cuttles mating off the Dutch shores


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Oct 19, 2003
I came accross this lovely little video shot by divers in the "Westerschelde", 80 km/50 Imperial Miles or so (as the cuttle swims) from where I reside. The Sepia (officinalis) come in every year around May to mate (Mayte?) and some scuba divers construct little breeding structures to facilitate their efforts. We also get Loligo to join the fray, as demonstrated by the following blog entry.

I have no clue how many people in the Netherlands keep Sepia, but it would truly surprise me if they were more than a handful.

Apart from Sepia, Loligo and rarely O. vulgaris, we do get the ocassional Eledone cirrhosa and (slightly more common) Alloteuthis subulata.

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