cuttlefish ID please


Larval Mass
saw this at a LFS today. it's about the size of a walnut.

any idea on telling it's species?
or age?

thought the species might be:

they have had it for about a month and it eats well.

i have a 21 gallon with few inhabitants (no fish, only a peppermint shrimp [the first meal!], crabs snails) and ready to go...cycled i mean. maybe too small of a tank? have kept marine fishes before, but not any cephalopods.

still doing research.
thanks for the help.

[sorry for the lousy pics...he was in a breeder, and it's a top view with a new camera...yeee...]



Bandensis alright, or it could be that related species...... I'm not too sure how large a walnut is but i'm guessing an inch or so, then it has a couple of months left.


the pictures werent very clear and i am not an expert to begin with! Joel i thought bandensis got a bit bigger than that! if not then it is probably almost dead!

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