Cuttlefish Foods and Egg Viability


Pygmy Octopus
In the 2010 Drum and Croaker article on cuttlefish by Rich Ross, he mentions that there may be a correlation between live foods and egg viability while breeding S. bandensis. Rich, I'm wondering if you (or others) have followed up with this or know if cuttles fed larger quantities of live foods will produce a higher percentage of viable eggs?


Sepia elegans
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That is an interesting question. Most of the cuttlefish species are weened on to frozen food because live food is not a viable option when they reach larger sizes. Sepia bandensis, however, could be fed live food their entire lives because of their smaller sizes. It is always preferred to give live food to any captive animal for multiple reasons. Not sure if there is any science behind this but I would guess that live food could probably increase egg viability in cuttlefish though I am not sure how significant it may be.



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