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William Tyson

i am planning a cuttle tank for either a s. bandenis* or an s. valari* im not sure about the spelling. but is there any special things to keep in mind about the thank. ie do i need to Octotight it like i did to my octo tank or will it not crawl out. also what gph is reccomended, and what tank mates could i have, ie... clean up crew, coral ect


Blue Ring
Tank Mates

Just FYI, I have living with my Bimac, a African Horned Starfish, a Fancy Serpant Sea Star, two Damsels, and one Peppermint Shrimp. I bought the shrimp before I had Herman to eat the Aptasias which he did wonderfully. My intention was to return him to the store but I could neve catch him. Herman also cannot catch him so I guess he is ok. I have a question if someone can answer. At what age/size can a Bimac catch a Peppermint shrimp if ever? Herman reaches for the Damsels and the shrimp but only half-heartedly. Maybe a cuttle is faster?


erich orser

Regarding your cuttle question, obviously Colin or Righty would be good potential answer-men, but as for your octopus - has he shown any ambush predator potential? Looking like a rock, waiting for the damsels or shrimp to get too close, lashing out, that sort of thing?


Colossal Squid
Hi Paul

As far as size is concerned, I have seen octopuses catch and eat things larger than their mantle size so I'd say that anything near the same size as them is potential food.

Also, I do beleive that cuttlefish are much faster at catching food. Perhaps they would stand a better chance of catching the damsels.

I think you should try hard to remove the damsels. The quality of life for both you and the octopus will get better. You will see the octopus much more when potential competition is removed.


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