Cuttle talks at NZMSS


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Last week's annual marine science conference was a joint meeting between NZMSS and the Australian Marine Sciences Association (AMSA)... and this year there were some other ceph-heads! 8-) Two women presented on cuttlefish research in Australia (on S. apama and S. plangon), and it turns out there's another woman stuyding pygmy octopus down in Dunedin.

Abstracts from the Sepia talks are attached. (Note that the session was called 'Fish Ecology' ...perhaps 'cuttlefish' is a bit confusing. :roll: More likely we just need enough ceph people to make up an entire session! :twisted:)


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ohhhhhhh I wish I could've gone! But having recently bought a new (2nd hand!!) car I was out of dosh! Plus someone had to keep our new invertebrate paper running :grin:


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