Cuttle Flitring!

Andy Lister

Hello Octoheads!

I've got a few officinalis and two of them are flirting like mad but don't seem to be spawning at all. They are just over a year old (Captive raised since june 2003) and around 25cm in length.

They are in a 180cm diamater cylindrical tank which is around 1600 litres, they have ample themeing and are fed on a mix of live and dead food.

Temperature is 15oC (ambient seawater is around 11.5).

What can you suggest to get them to spawn?




Colossal Squid
a full moon...

My cuttle tank has an Aquconnect ufo complet lighting system and they have a built in microprocessor that not only controls the day cycle but has control of two 100watt halogens that simulate the moon light...

EG for no moon the lights are off and for 14 days gets brighter each night until full moon and then darker to no moon again...

perhaps try leaving a small lamp on in the room for a couple of nights to see if that simulates full moon.

My last male cuttle would only have vigorous spawning displays for 2 or 3 days either side of 'full moon' in the tank.


Andy Lister

They are out in our Bio Quarentine at the moment, we have just altered teh lighting in there actually from quite a lot over night to just emergency lighting over a few tanks.

I'll pop a lamp by them and see what happens



Andy Lister

It's just a quarentine tank really, not very exciting. They love it though!

There is now a light on at night over their tank, i'll maybe turn it off 2 weeks out of 4... see what happens.

I am after cuttle eggs or juv cuttles though if anyone knows of any spare somewhere!


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