[Cuttlefish]: Cuttle Fights


Well I tried to add 2 of my cuttles together even though the oldest ( cuttle 1)was 3 1/2 " and the other(cuttle 2 ) 1 1/2 " . I tried use a mirror to get a reaction out of the laeger one but it didn't work . The cuttle 2 was upset and inked during release into the main tank and went dirrectly into cuttle 1 's cave . Cuttle 1 darkened immediatly and cuttle 2 took what looked to be a defensive posture and a mottled pattern . Then cuttle 1 attacked but missed and allowed me to remove cuttle 2 without injury ( except for hurt pride ). Cuttle 2 was being housed in a net breeder with a smaller cuttle (cuttle 3) without any problems . All cuttles were fed before the merge .


O. bimaculoides

Members: I am looking for a 2 to 3" Sepia bandensis, if anyone knows were to purchase one please let me know. I have 3" (raised from egg) and looking for a possible mate. Thanks!!!!

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