Cuttle-Farm-Army Success!!


Haliphron Atlanticus
I have had literally hundreds of eggs produced from my 6 Bandensis. I was not terribly optimistic with the first batch for they didnt seem to inflate, but the more recent eggs were growing. Two days ago I saw a hatchling floating in the egg section of my tank. Today I saw a second one and I see a good amount of eggs that are pretty ripe with active cuttles inside them.

So at exactly 5 months and 1 week from the birth of these wild caught eggs, they had thier first baby! :baby:

Not really looking forward to going through the mysid feeding stage again for these guys, but here we go again!



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From the pics this one seems almost orange rather than the reddish brown, is it a different color from the others or just the light/monitor, or have I missed a common color (mine only showed the reddish brown/white similar to mercs)?


Haliphron Atlanticus
Mine have not mated yet, though I expect them to soon. This is good that we finally have captive bred young. Hopefully us others will get some viable eggs too. Although, I am not sure what I will do if I get a bunch of little cuttles!

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