Cuttle Eggs, Calgary Alberta

Michael Roth

Blue Ring

Went to the LFS yesterday, and much to my surprise there actually were eggs available! I haven't seen them here in at least 5 years. Scrambled to find some glass that was suitable, and today off to get some dragon's breath macro and a healthy portion of pods. Super excited.


Staff member
Must be the season. I am considering doing the same since I found two US sources. Holding out for a final decision but working on the big tank to get the water quality up from it languishing for a couple of years (nitrates are high but bacteria in good shape).


Colossal Squid
My cuttlefish laid a series of eggs, and she preferentially laid on top of egg clutches already attached, so you could have different ages in your clutch, so might just have been laid earlier than other eggs.

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