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Rockstarism #238 – Octopus Logic
Posted on August 22, 2014 by Aileen

Rockstar’s been going on for a couple days about some animal facts he read about in school during some extra free reading time, I think it was…
(Looking at squid tentacles between his chopsticks…)

Rockstar: Mum. Did you know the smaller an octopus is, the more deadly it is?
Me: Erm, really? Where did you get that, are you sure?
Rockstar: Google it.
Me: (Wanting to make sure he was on the child-safe search engine he was taught to use last term) Did you google it?
Rockstar: No, I read it in this book in school. It’s why the blue-ringed octopus is tiny.
Me: (Not sure I like the reasoning) Wait, lemme ask you this: Is an octopus deadly because it’s small, or is it small because it’s deadly? Or are the two completely unrelated and just a coincidence?
Rockstar: <brief pause> Unrelated. It’s just a coincidence.
Me: Fine, so you think they just happen to be both small and deadly.
Rockstar: Yeah. But when you see a small octopus, what you really need to think about is whether it’s a tiny adult octopus or the baby of a big octopus.
Me: <mildly impressed> Wow.
Rockstar: The problem is, I’m not sure if there’s really a way to tell if it’s an adult or a baby.
Me: Well…. Does the Miss look like an adult octopus or a baby octopus?
Rockstar: <snorts> Ok, so the babies are probably really, really cute. Only problem is, what are we going to do with them when they grow up?
Me: Excuse me?
Rockstar: It’s like, these babies look soooo cute. And then they grow up. And then what are people going to do with them?
Me: Are you talking about your sister or an octopus?
Rockstar: Octopuses are easier.

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