Cthulhu worship and Kthanid.

I can't speak for anyone else here, but this site is generally about real cephalopods (from hobbyist level to quite academic); Cthulhu "worship", if it really exists here, is very much behind the scenes ;)


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first, any cthulhu worship sites out there? also, what is Kthanids role in the Cthulhu mythos other than being Cthulhus twin? does he stop Cthulhu or something?
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"worship" might be a tad strong, but TONMO traditionally has shown much respect for Cthulhu. For example, at our first TONMOCON:

In days of yore, two TONMO staffers (at the time) had written up a script of sorts, trying to answer the question:

What is Cthulhu?

At one time, we even had a dedicated forum (but those posts have since merged back into the Culture forum):

New Forum: Cthulhu

I suggest using our Search function to look up Cthulhu threads from the past... feel free to resurrect them! Iä! Iä! May Cthulhu eat you last! :cthulhu:

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