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Cold water O. vulgaris


Pygmy Octopus
Oct 18, 2011
Hello all!

The aquarium where I work is looking for an Octopus vulgaris for one of our display tanks, but there's a catch: the display tank we want to put him in is a cold water tank. I know that O. vulgaris has been found as far north as the southern coast of England, and according to what little research I've done about the waters off the southern coast of England, the temperature can get to 60-ish degrees Farenheit, which would be perfect for our tank. But I know that typically, only warm water O. vulgarises (vulgares?) are sold.

Aaaaaany advice at all would be appreciated. Thanks, everyone!


Staff member
Sep 4, 2006
Gainesville, GA
Vulgaris is more of a complex than a given species. They are found all over the world and not enough study has been done to know how many species are lumped under that name (several have gone in and out). The important part will be to determine where it was born and staying close to that temp (or the lowest long term temp of the area). If you have an animal from the Keys and keep it a 62 F it will very likely dies but it can survive at 72 F where 78 might be closer to optimal.

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