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i set up my biocube 2 days ago.

i have the salinity levels and PH PERFECT for an octopus.

i know, i have to let it cycle for 3 months yet.


my water is cloudy and has little white particles in it,
i washed my crushed coral a ton of times. (i wanted sand:sad:)
what is this?


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It could have been dust from the tank. Did you wash your tank out before you set it up? Also the sediment could have just had some dust you didnt get. I wouldnt worrie about it should go away in a couple days. That happen to my tank when I first set it up.


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Did you mix your salt in the tank or mix it separately and let it arate for 24 or more hours? It does not matter with a new tank but you will want to do the later when you do your water changes. It usually takes 3-4 days for a new tank to settle even with crushed coral and premixed salt but if you mixed your salt in the tank, then some of what you are seeing will be the buffering component and other additives that have yet to dissolve.

Also, check your filter to be sure it is starting to get dirty in about a week. If you are using black sponge, you won't be able to tell much (I prefer white media because of this. You can rinse it in a bucket of clean saltwater to see if the water gets dirty) but you should still be seeing stuff collecting on the filter. If not you will want to start playing with your water flow so that you are getting a good turnover.


When I set up my tank, the sand had a lot of fines that wouldn't settle (colloidial calcium carbonate), so I poured in some carbonated water which turned the colloidial calcium carbonate in to bicarbonate which readily dissolved. After about 30 minutes, the water was crystal clear. Then, the CO2 offgases so you don't have any left over chemicals. Dry ice works too, just not as efficiently.

Make sure you just use carbonated water, no flavored/sweetened/dyed drinks.

Here's some pics.......sorry if I'm not supposed to link to other sites.

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