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Cloaks of Invisibility, Switched in a Flash - New York Times


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Robotic Staff
Oct 15, 2005
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[SIZE=-2]ABC Science Online[/SIZE]
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Cloaks of Invisibility, Switched in a Flash
[SIZE=-1]New York Times[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]About half a mile below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, small squid and octopuses face a camouflage conundrum. Some of their predators, like hatchet fish, hunt by diving deeper and looking upward for silhouettes of potential food. ...[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]Squid change colour in twilight zone[SIZE=-1]ABC Science Online[/SIZE][/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]Creatures Control Light to Avoid Becoming Snacks[SIZE=-1]Fars News Agency[/SIZE][/SIZE]
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