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Chewie says HI

Flying Fish

Larval Mass
Feb 26, 2004
I'm in Pittsburgh PA, home of the Steelers, Heinz, and not much else! Good thing one of them is still popular. :shock:

I have been in the saltwater hobby for about 2 years, and currently have a 29 gallon display, and a 29 gallon sump (which houses a Koran angel, and a princess parrotfish.) I also grow cheatomorpa in the sump, and amphipods in a seperate vessel, just for fun;).

The display proper has 130 watts of PC lighting and 3 power heads aimed at each other for circulation. In that tank there is a mix of softies and SPS and 1 Fungia plate. I've got about 50lbs of LR and a 1 inch sandbed. The fish in there are 1 melanopus clown, a pair of Apogon margaritophorus (some type of cardinal for which there is no common name that I'm aware of) and a pair of Kauderns cardinals. I am thinking about adding a 75 gallon or two in the near future to house the ever growing corals and fishes, and possibly a tank for a bimac. That's why I'm here, to find out how to care for one. :octopus:


Staff member
May 30, 2000

Check out our OCTO Database if you haven't already, it should contain some interesting specs on tanks owned by ceph owners.

Glad you're here!

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