Chefalopod Apron Pattern


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they have squid prints too! You will get some octos but if you search squid (came across this one by accident) there are a couple of prints that include squid as well as this one that is an Archi (I think).

They are cutout and make aprons but there is a larger collection than I have seen (unfortunately, it is pricey material at $18/yard)


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The reason for the price of the fabric is this: each pattern is a custom design and printed off as a one off. In other words, if I order a yard of Chefalopod fabric, that yard will be printed just for me. You actually can choose from six different fabrics for the printing.

Many people have submitted their designs for fabric, and htat's why there is such a variety of subjects, including octopuses and squid. Not to meniton seahorses, lobsters and shrimp!

It looks like fun, and it would be possible for any of us to design a fabric. Something to thnk about - the talented among us could design a special Tonmocon fabric, or a Tonmo fabric, with Tony's permission.


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