CHEERS Tonmo!!!!!!!!!


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Cheers... ? ... Please don't tell me you drank them?! :wink:


i didn't think the taste was bad. Does anyone keep a reef tank and eat sushi? i kinda feel bad cause i'll get some eel and i have 14 inch snowflake and.... well you know. but man it sure is good. anyways- congrats on your litter paradox


Haliphron Atlanticus
yes, the only thing i felt bad about having eaten is urchin and that is because it was disgusting :yuck: In many cultures consuming the flesh of a creature is a sign of respect for that creature. I see no contradiction in eating creatures that I enjoy watching and interacting with, just not the same specific individuals. But I do live in a more rural area where we get to see food on the hoof and in the feathers.

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