Cephy references in the 2016 election


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Well... the 2016 presidential election sure has covered a lot of ground. :rolleyes: TONMO has been a nice place to go to get away from it all... Still, any affiliations aside, I thought it would be good to keep a running list of cephy references...

There was one cartoon of Hillary somewhat choked by a life preserver with two tentacles about to grab her feet but I can't find it.

Some of the cartoons are crude and provocative, but I guess that is the nature of it!

- Tim K referred to Trump as an octopus
Kaine Compares Trump Organization to Octopus - Daily Beast

- One of Trump's sexual assualt accusers refer to him acting like an octopus with his hands
Trump Sexual Assault Accuser: 'He Was Like an Octopus; His Hands Were Everywhere' - The Root

- of course, Cthulhu is running again: why choose the lesser of two evils?
- http://cthulhuforamerica.com

Reply with any sightings of your own!



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