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cephs: RT @hectocotyli: Are squids using a Bragg mirror to camouflage their eyes? Cal


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Sep 4, 2006
Gainesville, GA
From the study abstract:
demonstrating that a DBR with widely distributed thickness variations of high refractive index elements is sufficient to yield broadband reflectance over visible wavelengths, and that unlike DBRs with one or a few spatial frequencies, this broadband reflectance occurs from a wide range of viewing angles.
The linked article notes:
if the predator is looking down from above or up from below, the squid has a serious problem, because the squid's background is different from the predator's background. If the predator looks down from above, the squid's eye will reflect the bright surface light, and stand out against the dark depths. (And the opposite from below.)

This raises a curious behavioral question: do squid deliberately move up and down in the water to keep potential predators on a horizontal plane with them? That would be rad!
Without reading the article, is appears there is miscommunicated conjecture on the part of the blogger.

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