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Cephalopods in Denver! Cephalopod Attractions


Nov 28, 2008
:cuttlehi:Hello. I haven't posted recently, and that is because have been so busy veiwing all things that Denver has to offer.
:sun:First, I went to the Downtown Aquarium. They have a very nice octopus. (the first one I've seen in real life!) And also recieved a penny with an octopus on it. (very cool!)
Then, I went to the zoo and found no cephalopod items of any kind.
:read: I went to the museum of nature and science and saw some very cool displays of ammonites and other prehistoric cephalopods. Also some ammonite:ammonite: fossils available at moderate prices in the gift shop.
:histio: Just south of Denver, in Colorado springs, I visited Cave of The winds and saw even more ammonite items in that gift shop.

:belemnit: Denver is a nice place for cephalopods. Consider making a trip.

:oops:Sorry for not posting for awhile.
Have any of you TONMOers been to Denver?:confused: And if so, have you seen the cephalopod things?
:wink: PS. There will be an octopus special on the Science Channel July 12th at 9:00 pm, depending on where you live.

:notworth:Thanks a bunch


Staff member
May 30, 2000
Thanks #30 Girl -- I've been to Denver many times... somehow missed the cephs!

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