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Shello Cephalopodic friends.

I have been out of the loop for the last 2 years or so, but am hopefully returning to TONMO. Of course, I have questions right off the bat.

So mainly, a friend's birthday is coming up, and I have gotten it out that he really would want a nautilus shirt - preferably a collared/polo, but any nautilus will do. Google gives me zazzle.com. I was leery of this, so I was wondering if anyone had good, reliable sources of ceph apparel that they like/use (I'm giving a presentation to a high school group on cephalopods and aquariums in general, and was hoping to have some sort of clothing to go with it if I could manage it in time, on top of the aforementioned birthday...)

Thank you for any recommendations.


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I wish inkart had car magnets like the decals and not just the small rectangular ones. I could see putting a 2' octopus on my trunk :sagrin:

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