Cephalopod Metabolism

Discussion in 'Physiology and Biology' started by Fujisawas Sake, Apr 9, 2004.

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    Yo, fellow TONMO peeps!

    Here's another question been boiling my noodle: what work has been done on cephalopod metabolic rates, and how would you go about testing theories about ceph metabolism? Would it be respiratory only (given that there may be anaerobic metabolism at times, I would wonder), or are there any other methods? Not like putting them in a calorimeter would do anything, huh?

    Sorry for my lack of posting as of late! Nearing finals!

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    Me thinketh you're touching on areas considerably outside my expertise/experience! John, there has to have been a ton of research done on this sort of thing; post finals it would be great if you wrote an article for TONMO - then I'd learn something (and have those references at hand).

    Good luck in the finals! When I'm doing the A to Z author search for karyotypes, if I happen upon anything metabolism-oriented I'll cite it here (although my references are mainly systematic, with a few ecological).

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