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Hello everyone!
I am not sure if this belongs in this thread but I thought i made the most sense here.

Anyway, I am currently an undergraduate studying marine biology at Northeastern University. I am planning to go onto vet school and then to go into marine invert medicine (hopefully being able to further specialize in cephalopods). However, I know this is an extremely niche field so I am wondering if anyone knows of any places/people who work in this field.

Id love to intern/ volunteer somewhere like this (have previous marine vet experience and will work for free) I just need to know of some places. Also if anyone knows of any good books or articles?

Thanks for any advice anyone may have!


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Don't know of anyone, usually when we contact the uni vet he say you want me to look at a WHAT???????????? But :welcome: and good luck with that!



I'd suggest contacting the Marine Biomedical Institute at Galveston -- they've been intensely involved with attempts to perfect farming of cephalopods for years, and have had some success with a couple of squid species.


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I am a PhD student right now working on nautiluses. I've published a few papers from the medicinal side of ceph husbandry so I've been in contact with the few people that there are working in this field. I'd be happy to talk to you about this further. You can send me an email at gjbarord@gmail.com if you'd like.

Glad to hear there are some ceph vets out there!



There is a dude at NC State named Greg Lewbart who authored a text called Invertebrate Medicine. He might know some things.

Honestly, that field is probably so ridiculously niche that you are probably best off specializing in, say, invertebrate fisheries medicine - mollusks, including cephalopods, are economically important.

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