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A guy walks into a bar with an octopus under his arm. He sets the octopus on a stool next to him and announces: "This is an amazing octopus. I'll bet anyone in this bar $50 that this octopus can play any instrument set in front of it."

None of the people could believe this, so one guy brought up a guitar. The octopus took hold of the guitar and started picking away, better than Jimi Hendrix. The man took $50 from the guitarist. Next someone brings up a trumpet. The octopus started playing the trumpet, better than Herb Alpert. The man won another $50 from the trumpeter. Then some guy brought up some bagpipes. The octopus picked up the bagpipes for a minute and, looking a little puzzled, set them down again.

"Can't you play the bagpipes?" asked the man. "Play it?" said the octopus, "I'm gonna screw it as soon as I figure out how to get its pajamas off." 8-)

erich orser

I've heard this before but always more "blue", to use Comedy- Language. I just took down one of my own posts that used an ancient Borscht-Belt potato-down-the-pants joke when I realized it's potential obscenity, even though it's 70-years-old. If it's potentially questionable, keep it on the Supporters Forum. By the way, GREAT JOKE!! :grin:


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