Catching cuttles


What are your preffered methods of capture of cuttlefish (hand, net, trap?, what else?) and how do you go about finding out where they are? (net info is limited!!) :cry:

thanks very much,

sam :notworth:


Cuttles can usually be found along reefs searhing for prey, sumtimes they might be partially buried under the sand to hide. Finding them is up to chance as they're masters of of camouflage and not easy to spot.

Trapping it in the reef is hard as they have plenty of space to jet away to, sometimes getting close can be tough. Try using a transparent container and a lid to get it.Try as much as possible not to expose them to air, hence using a net isn't recommended.


thanks joel,

does that mean that cuttles are reef safe in a tank as long as you dont have stinging coral or anenomes?

How many trips would you expect to have to search for them? and how do you catch them in a jar? could you use a net then transfer it underwater?

Are there other places? like under a peer or on a rocky coast - or do they stik to the reeks - cos i dont have a boat! Otherwise - do you know of any swim accessible reefs near brisbane. (or do the only frequent the outer reef?) Thanks again,


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