Catching cuttles for research purposes


Blue Ring
Hey, does anyone have any experience catching cuttlefish for research? I've ordered a specifically designed cuttle trap and plan to just deploy them near reefs (in far north Queensland) in hopes of catching some broadclub cuttles which are pretty common in the area. I was just going to 'bait' the traps with some pieces of white plastic which apparently attract them and they also apparently have a tendency or desire to occupy internal spaces of structures such as basket traps (Watanuki et al. 2000) so it seems that they will just naturally get themselves caught in them.

Does anyone have any experience in catching live cuttles (with minimal harm/stress), either by this method or any other? Any help or info would be appreciated.


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Not likely. We only see imported eggs in this hemisphere and I suspect they are most often collected as eggs for both research and aquariums where live captures are for the dinner table.

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