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Larval Mass
In the midst of getting my new octo happy, another problem has entered the house. Our indoor cats have fleas. How, who knows. Anyhow, anyone have any ideas on IF we have to do a flea bomb, how to do it with aquariums in the house. Keep in mind, I live in 475 sq feet.


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DON'T BOMB! Give me a minute and I will try to find the recent dorm story about pesticides and a student's tank. Have you tried one of the topical flea treatments? My dogs (outdoors during the day) never have fleas and this was a major problem with prior dogs and cats before we used the prescriptioned meds (bio-spot also works well and is not prescription but may be a problem for cats). It may take awhile to eliminate the fleas but for each dead one hundreds of eggs will not be laid. Additionally, the bombs don't work (or didn't 15 years ago) very well since they do not kill the eggs. Using the topical poison and putting out pans of water is likely to be more effective and safer for everyone, including the humans.

Here is the thread I mentioned above.


Colossal Squid
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I have cats when those little *&$% fleas come around I use Adams flea and tick spray. I have indoor/outdoor, so every now and then the advantage doesn't work. Adams is a spray that comes in both oil and water based forms. I have been using it around my tank for years with no problems. Just dont spray it in the tank, or too close to the sump if you have one. You spray it like fabreeze on all your furniture and carpets.


Pygmy Octopus
Take every piece of fabric you own and systamatically wash it, and use flea spray on any you see. And keep in mind that they seem to live forever (even without cats/dogs) so keep a bottle on hand, even after there gone. This may seem like overkill to some, its worked the 20 times ive done it (j/k).


Colossal Squid
Also eucalyptus oil diluted, one cap to one L water is a good flea repellent, only problem'll have to bath the cats! We used it with our dogs when we used to show, especially if we were traveling (Don't really get fleas in Dunedin, too cold!), never got a flea and some of the warmer places in NZ abound with them! So after their baths they would get a rinse with the eucalyptus water, smelt nice too!


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