care sheets?


Colossal Squid
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I'm afraid that's pretty much scattered around in posts, rather than in any of the official articles. This is the sort of thing where I think a wiki would come in handy, so that when any member collects the info on a species or question, they can make a set of links or a summary for it. For the moment, though, searching the posts and asking people who have kept them are probably your best bets... I think Animal Mother has kept both, and he's usually pretty helpful...


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This information is included in the book that Colin and I have written and will be released in October. By the beginning of July, when my work on the book is completely finished, I'm going to see how we can add articles and make the information we have more accessible In the meantime, read the articles, look at the journals of people keeping the species you're interested in, and ask questions here on the forums.


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