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Can this go in with my octopus


Haliphron Atlanticus
Sep 25, 2006
The prevailing wisdom that I've read on Tonmo says "no", but I do it successfully, so I don't think the answer is necessarily no in all cases. I keep bimacs that I catch myself, and the species of anemones I've kept with them are native to the same habitat as the bimacs, so I assumed, correctly I think, that bimacs are able to handle these anemones. Mixing an octopus with an anemone that does not occur in the same environment as the octopus is more of a risk. Even under the best conditions, an anemone in a tank is, for your octopus, like you keeping a giant cactus plant in your living room. I think you need a lot of extra space in your aquarium, so that the octopus can give the anemone a wide berth, and still have plenty of room to move around.

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