Can a small Octo fit thru....

Discussion in 'Octopus Care' started by know-it-all, Nov 3, 2004.

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    In preparing for the Octo I ordered at the LFS.
    (Assuming it's the tank raised bimac I see online)

    Can they fit thru the screens on bulkheads (1" bulkhead kits)?

    If they can, how likely will it try in a 40 gal tank with lots-o-hidding spots?

    If they can, and are likely to try, what can I put over the screen to prevent the escape?

    additional question,
    Can this new sump design be improved to prevent escape?

    Tank has 2 screened drains that will go to a refugium.
    Refugium will have 2 screened drains that go to sump.
    I'm Planning to also screen the pumps somehow.
    The refugium and tank will have full covers.
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    An octopus is supposed to be able to squeeze through anything that it can get its beak through, so for a tiny octo, that's pretty small. I don't think they go around looking for ways to escape at that age, but we have had some get out. So to be safe, all intakes and outlets, powerheads, etc should be covered in some way. Plastic screen, mesh cloth from nets or carbon bags, netting from veggie bags at the grocery store (wash and rinse well) are all possibilities.


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