bristleworm questions


O. bimaculoides
i just found out that i have at least three and quite possibly four to five bristleworms in my tank, which currently has no octo in it but i plan to get one in the next week or so. i have set up a make shift trap for them and i will be purchasing four to five peppermint shrimp (i also have some glass anenomes that i want to get rid of). has anyone had any experience with bristleworms in an octo tank? are they harmful to octos??


Colossal Squid
Staff member
I have quite a community of bristleworms and what they do is the cleanup after the octopus eats. I have heard of hatchlings having a problem with the worms, especially if the worms are bigger than the babies, but as far as residing with the octopus, I have never had a problem.



Sepia elegans
they are great clean up crew but if your really concerned about it get a purple psydochromis to eat them then just stick the psydochromis in a nano or something when they are all gone so he doesnt mess with the octo

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