Breaking OCTOPETS news!

Hey guys! I checked my email a second ago, and I had one from DHL saying my octo from octopets is on the way! So I guess they have found a different supplier or something? Either way, I guess they aren't backordered anymore!:party::octopus:


Talked to Jim in person he said No Octos now didnt ship any in the last several days and wont for 3 more weeks.
better check with Jim and see what the deal is
you might have a bogus ship confirmation


My octo arrived today!! So far he has been a curious little guy! He has hung out in his plastic tubing and played in the bubbles in the bubble wall.
I don't know how I recieved him if Jim didn't ship him, but he is here and I am grateful.:tentacle:
Hehe I am being totally serious Dan! I have the little guy a mere 3 feet from me as we speak :smile:

Unfortunately I wasn't here for the acclimation, I was at work, but I left my boyfriend detailed acclimation instructions which I am assuming he followed hehe. He said that he was worried about the octo (no name yet) at first because he didn't move once out of the bag, but he perked up after a few minutes.

Clowny, he is a bimac.


That's certainly very likely: I just didn't think he had any. Perhaps he found a LFS that he distributes to that still had some left just for you.



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Congratulations on the arrival of your new bimac!

I'll add it to the list of bimac siblings under Journals and Photos (Ceph Care forum). Please post some reports and pics of your new octo under that forum, too - it's where all the ceph owners tell the latest about their pets.



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did he say if there were any more there

...keeping octos is like being a crack addict... the longer you have to wait for one the more you go insane and when you do get one your on the high of your life along with all the tripped out octo color effects

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