bobtail squid


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I posted this on the octopuses den, but I think that might have been the wrong message board for a question like this.

I was wondering how easy it is to get ahold of a specimen of a bobtail squid (E. scolopes). Can you find a whole bobtail squid in a market in Hawaii? Or would you have to collect them yourself if you were interested in them. I'm doing a study for my microbiology class, and intend to isolate Vibrio fischeri from them (the bioluminescent bacteria they have a symbiosis with). But first I need to know if this is a practical idea.




Colossal Squid
There was someone who joined Tonmo in the last year who had experience raising bobtail squid in the U.S. I just can't remember his name... Are you looking for a live specimen or a dead one?

Scolopes (a member here) has some, so you might want to pm him/her to see where they got them. You could also try a forum search for E. scolopes.

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