Blue Leg Hermit Crabs


im hoping to get a new bimac, hopefully about 3 months old, and i found a good distributer of blue leg hermit crabs. i was wondering if this is a suitable food. if it is, how many will he eat a day, and if it isn't, what is a good alternative?



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i got crabs said:
there great for the first month are 2. but when he grows he'll start ignoring them and looking for bigger food. but then there always good for clean up.
Also the bimac may use them for a wee snack :lol: We feed Hannibal large Paddle crabs and Cancer crab but he will eat small camouflage crabs in between meals :lol: :lol:



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I used to feed Herman Blue Leg Hermits, he would gladly accept them until the last days of his life but I got the feeling they were not substantial enough. They seem big but my guess is that there is not much meat and a lot of shell. I used to supplement with frozen squid, frozen mysis shrimp, clams, live rock crabs from the beach, and snails. That guy would eat anything. His FAVORITE were the live rock crabs, they didn't even reach the bottom of the tank.


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I think turbo snails may be too small too! what area do you live in? are ya not able to get crabs or shrimp their? but the snails may work for a little bit but it really depends on your octo, if ya could get fiddler crabs then that would probablly be the best way to go, oh and no not the ones ya can pick up at your lfs that will probablly end up costing you an arm and a leg at 3 or 4 dollars a pop! so check your bait shops if ya have anythere they will generally end up costing you about 10 to 50 cents a peice but thats a lot better that 3 or 4 dollars for one!


ive lived neer the ocean most of my life, on an island, but have recently had to move inshore. no baitshops around here! no saltwter ones that is. my only hope is getting food off the internet. know any good sites?


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What about fiddler crabs?

My octo loves them, I get them from aquaculturestore, 10 for $13 shipped. Paul (owner of Sachs) has been great to me, always sends a personalized 'thank you' note in the receipt, and lets me know exactly when they'll ship and when they'll arrive. I posted in another thread that my octo seemed to go through a growth spurt by transitioning from hermits / snails to fiddlers, plus the fiddlers are actually less expensive (hermits at my LFS are $2 ea).


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I and many others on this site have ordered from Paul, who gives wonderful service. The cost is reasonable and octopuses love the crabs.


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