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Larval Mass
Hi! I'm planning on getting a bi-mac in the next couple of months (still cycling the tank) and had two questions abou them. 1. I add a Kalkwasser (calcium) powder to my reef tank for the inverts in there (crabs and shrimp) is this somthing I should do for the bi-mac (or anyother additives/trace elements?) and 2. I have a ton of calurepa in my reef tank is there any benefit in adding this to my octo tank or will it do any damage to it?



Colossal Squid

you wont need to add anythig to the tank as you will be doing regular partial water changes to help keep up with the messy critter!!! So that will add all the trace elements

I have always added caulerpa and with regular pruning helps to keep the tank fresher, more interesting looking and it also removes nitrate... always beneficial


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