Best way to keep live mysis to prevent cannibalism?


Larval Mass
So I have 3 baby cuttles and ordered 100 live mysis for them that arrived on Friday. I put the mysis in a breeder net to themselves and put a few frozen mysis in there with them and some reef chili. Tonight when I was looking at them it seemed as though there are only about 30-40 left out of the 100.

Are there any tips as to how to keep more of them alive and prevent cannibalism? I thought I read that they are aquicultured in shallow tanks with lots of surface area and lots of food. Any advice would be helpful.



Larval Mass
Octopus_Reef;134964 said:
I keep 500 mysis in a 20 gallon rubbermaid container with an airstone, I do 2 water changes a week (50%) I feed fine flake food and frozen cyclopeeze to them so they are "gutloaded" for my cuttles. this seems to work very well for me.
Well thanks for the tips. I think I will probably set up a 10gal tank for them (100) and will try to feed them more.

Mr Blobby

I put my 100 mysis in a 10 gal tank and they have all but disappeared despite what I felt like was plenty of flake food (there's still a bit of it settled on the bottom). How much should I be feeding 100 mysis? Is cyclop-eeze necessary for the mysis? (I get that it's good for what eats them, but I was trying to culture a good population before my briareus eggs hatch, thus dont need to waste cyclop-eeze on them until they are getting eaten).
Has anyone ever tried the Reef Nutrition brand bottled mysis?


You might set up a few brine shrimp hatcheries so you have a bunch of fresh nauplii you can add every day. They might go after those instead of eachother.

Otherwise I was in the same boat when I had cuttles. I'd always run out of mysids in 5 days, regardless of whether I ordered 50 or 150.


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