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best time of year for octopus


Blue Ring
Mar 23, 2011
i saw in another post that someone mentioned stonecrab fishing season as a good time to find some octopus. cuz thats when commercial fishermen come accros them. i was just wondering if there was a specific time of year when other octopus are more availabe. i don't know if collecting them in the wild has a peek season or something.


Staff member
Sep 4, 2006
Gainesville, GA
There are indications of seasonal hatching cycles for some cephs but, unless you are collecting your own, crab season is when they are most available from FL simply because they are found in the traps. I believe the commercial season runs mid-October to mid-May but we see more toward the end of the season.

For the Indonesian animals, it seems we see more in the middle of summer. Since many of them are quite old at the time they are most available, I make the assumption that this is a mating time and that they are out and more easily caught .

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