Best buds


I never would have imagined this if I haven't been seeing it and finally got it on film. My bandensis and spotted goby sleeping together.

I thought it was only a matter of time before Bill (S.Bandensis) ate Pete(spotted goby) for lunch, but they have been sleeping closer and closer together and tonight they are actually touching each other. I figured that if Bill saw Pete in a compromising position or was hungry it was all over. Pete is slow moving and climbs over everyone and everything looking for pods, I have even seen him examine Bill thinging he was a rock. Bill hasn't done a thing and seems to like Pete's company. This wasn't a "swim by" thing either, they have been together this close for the past 4 hours, normally they are 1-2 inches apart, but they have been getting closer lately.



That is phenomenal!

Most of the time during the day my two cuttles put on their aggression colors when they get too near eachother, but at night I often find them "cuddling" in nearly the exact same way as you've pictured. Once the one on top was using his lower walking-arms to give the other what appeared to be a backrub.

There's no understanding these critters :)


Colossal Squid
Interesting, I wonder if the cuttle is seeing the pattern which outlines how toxic the mandarin is, or whether it has 'tasted' it and learned for itself?


Colossal Squid
That is too cute! I wish I trusted my S. bandensis enough to try it. They get along fine with each other, but anything else is regarded as food, maybe they have to grow up with the fish...

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