Beilemite gaurd fossil and Clovis point


Larval Mass
Is it just me or has anyone put the two together? Anthropologists are debating the cultural ties with European natives and the Clovis people because they had similar projectiles. The belemite fossils are found globally and are common. I don't think such a long shard could be made from flint, but one could put an edge on one that already existed. Native Americans aren't the only ones to use a mortar/pestle to grind grains, and they didn't make those either, but were possibly a fossil dino egg, or other fossil rock. :shock: Looks darn similar to me.


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The shapes are similar! Most belemnite guards are round and made of calcite with a radial crystal structure, a lot softer than the silicate that points are made of, they would not be able to take an edge.

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