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    My octo has calmed down enough so that he's not at all scared of me, but I'm definitely a little wary of him.

    Sometimes when I start cleaning off the live rock he'll come down to where I'm at. When I take my hands out of the water he'll come up to the surface and reach up at me, is that normal? I'm not sure if he wants food, wants to attack me or is just curious. I know if I give him my finger he tries to pull my hand down into the tank.

    The other thing he does a lot is spray water at me. He'll come to the surface, reach at me for a bit, and then cut loose with a big stream of water. He's got a great shot, soaking all the lights and my face on a couple occasions. But is this an angry behavior, frustration or just fun for him?

    That's all the questions I have for now, thanks for the help.
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    Hey, he likes you! He's curious about you, and would love to take your hand into his den and examine it. He's trying to touch you, squirt you, and get your attention. He'd probably like to find a way to play, too.

    By all means establish physical contact with your octo - very rewarding. They are very gentle and so soft to touch.

    I'll post a photo me playing with the bimac I had.


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