Beach burial of cetaceans

Steve O'Shea

Colossal Squid
Hi all

One of my masters students, Ann Bui, has now completed their thesis on the beach burial of cetaceans: implications for conservation, and public health and safety.

If you'd like to read all about it (given there's nothing else available on this subject, that we are aware of anyway) then click here for a pdf. As so little (if anything) is known about this subject matter there are many gaps in the thesis. Nevertheless, this is a good start and someone can work from this and develop something a little more controlled/structured. It is certainly not the end of the matter as far as our research on this topic is concerned; more to come in due course.



Colossal Squid
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Thanks Steve, and Ann,

I will read it with interest!

Steve O'Shea

Colossal Squid
Here's just a tiny wee snippet of something to come; we were rather concerned they'd run with a full story, but they haven't, and now we can do it properly in several weeks time (the press are rather interested in this story, and we asked them to hold off).

The quotes are not exactly correct, but I've had worse misquotes (and I seem to be an oceanographer nowadays).

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