Basic octopus set up?


Feb 24, 2010
Hi, I've kept a reef aquarium before, it wasn't very advanced, it had frogspawn, xenia, duncans, and zoas (not sure if I spelled those right?). What got me interested in keeping saltwater aquariums was when I saw an octpus in an aquarium at the zoo, it was the coolest thing ever.

So I kept a 45 gallon reef tank with clowns, the coral listed, and at one point long nosed hawkfish, I've been thinking about keeping my money until I have enough to buy all of the best/good supplies so I don't have to take it down because of a failing system.

I read articles on this site about Bimacs, they seem like a good first time octopus?

My old aquarium didn't have the best supplies either, so I never had a sump, is that a requirement of keeping octopus? Even if it isn't I'd still want to get it, it sounds like it helps a lot.

Can anyone inform me? Or even share what your set ups are?


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Sep 4, 2006
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There is an article, Ceph Care Equipment List, that Colin Dunlop wrote several years ago that should help you get started with equipment

This post is included in the articles section.. It talks a little the most commonly kept octopuses and needed tank size and includes a reference to an outside article by Rob Toonen that is well worth reading.

Best equipment is not as important as best practice for any tank. It is nice to have the latest and greatest but a solid tank, preferably new to eliminate exposure to copper medications (most of mine, however, are used but I know the prior usage), an RO/DI water supply (purchased water or made at home), establishing the tank for a minimum of 3 months and doing regular water change maintenance are basic to the success of any marine tank. I am a major fan of sumps and keeping skimmers for the octo tanks. My filtration is live rock with a simple sock filter and carbon. Keeping it simple and healthy is my basic strategy but I do add vitamins and a small amount of calcium with each water change.

This Tank Buildouts sticky has links to a few of the better documented tank buildouts.

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