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Discussion in 'Cuttlefish Care' started by brian mcguirt, Mar 15, 2016.

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    hello I am worried that i am doing something wrong. I have 12 cuttle eggs. only one has hatched thus far. Is that normal? I can see other eggs and the cuttles inside them but non have hatched yet. Secondly my one that hatched about 5dys ago about still hasn't taken any food. I have tried 2day old and 7day old live mysis shrimp but he has yet to take any. Should I be concerned? Any help would be much appreciated. you can see the little guy next to the rock at the top of the screen. WIN_20160315_180840.JPG
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    I have only successfully kept one group of bandensis eggs to adults but you seem to be doing fine (here is my journal that may help a little with timing. If you click on any of the "cuttlefish eggs" yellow highlight under the Cephalopod Journals forum it will give you a list of additional journals to explore.). I would suggest feeding a few mysis 3 times a day. Many onl eat at night at first so I would eliminate the blue light on the last feeding or change it to a red).

    The Cheato is a good idea and I think it helps them locate the mysis.

    If you have no current in the net, you may want to add a GENTLE flow.

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