Baculites Illustration

i did some reconstructions of Baculites based on my no-tentacle theory. pic 1 details my idea for the animals tentacle free soft part anatomy and some details of the shell. i find that the Baculites shell is somewhat reminiscent of the Devonian oncocerid nautiloid Acleistoceras. pic 2 quite similar but highlights my ideas for Baculite feeding and fleeing behavior. please tell me what you think.

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Architeuthoceras;194629 said:
Excellent!! :notworth:

Looks like you've got it down. Arms of some kind are probably a good idea though, catching food with jaws only seems a little off. :sly:
true, arms would be useful, but evidence is there for ammonoids having arms? after studying the pictures of the baculite specimen with the radula and aptychus preserved inside, im not sure if there was room for tentacles. besides, there are tons of artist reconstructions of ammonite with tentacles, so i felt the need to take the road less traveled and put out something original.
Very interesting, as usual, pr0teusUnbound. I like your work. You guys are really sparking my interest with these reconstructions. Until I start emptying my wallet on fossils...thank you!

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